Password Memory 2009

Password Memory 2009

With this program you can manage all your passwords and IDs in an easy way
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Nowadays, almost everybody has to remember a number of passwords: for e-mails, websites accounts, computer programs, etc., and for this reason, it becomes a necessity to have a good password manager. And this simple but powerful program is an excellent option to try.
The program has an easy-to-use interface based on Microsoft Office 2007 that will look familiar to you, and that can be used in more than 15 languages. All the password items can be grouped according to your needs, that is, passwords for websites, for locked data sheets of Microsoft Excel, or for any program, and all of them can be easily recorded.
In addition, the program is able to generate new passwords with alphanumeric characters with the specific number length that you desire, giving you as a result, safer passwords for your applications.
Furthermore, all your password items will always be protected by a main password that will be the only key to access to the program.
Finally, on this new version (2.2) some compatibilities with Windows XP have been fixed, together with other minor enhancements. Besides, the program now uses Firebird Database Engine in order to work in a more efficient way. In addition, the username field is now encrypted, and a password strength meter has been added.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • You can add passwords entries of anything, programs, websites, etc
  • You can create as many passwords's databases as you desire for different purposes


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